What We Are Growing

Inside our kit this month you'll find the seeds to grow

  1. Sunflowers, this tall plant is loved by the bees, they often grow really high, the tallest sunflower, according to the Guinness Book of Records was 9.17 metres high and grown in Germany in 2014.
  2. Broad Beans, when your broad beans start to grow you can make a teepee out of bamboo or sticks as beans like to climb.  Once upon a time it was believed that if you rubbed the furry inside of the pod on a wart it would make it go away.
  3. Calendulas, Calendulas are also known as pot marigolds, not only do they look beautiful, you can also eat the petals of the flowers in salads, bake them into Quice or even freeze them into herbal ice-cubes which will look so pretty in a summer drink
Mandy Charlton Photography